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Trails, open space and outdoors environmental news junkies will have noticed that news postings on this site have been sparse for quite some time. That’s because it is very time-consuming to post articles the way I had been doing it, by copying them to HTML (the web formatting language) and adding photos or other graphics. I hope to rectify that situation by using the WordPress blogging software instead.

This will have a number of advantages over the previous method:

  • It will take much less time for me to post articles, so the website will be much more up-to-date
  • Visitors can give their perspective by posting comments to the articles
  • Visitors can locate articles by searching for particular keywords, browsing through categories, or browsing through any month of articles at a time
  • New articles can be delivered to your mailbox or web browser without having to visit this site, using RSS technology. See how to set this up for your mailbox or web browser, it’s really easy
  • New articles will be automatically announced on Twitter

In addition to adding new articles, I will be slowly copying the older articles over to the blog. Finally, I hope to find some way to automatically generate the Chronological Table of Contents. For the time being, I will add new articles to it manually, as I did with the HTML formatted news.

Take advantage of the new capabilities, add some comments and let me know how you like it!

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Steve · November 7, 2011 at 10:25 am

Someone left a comment that I accidentally deleted when I was getting rid of the dozens of spam “comments” that have been submitted since I started posting news again. I’m sorry. To help me deal with the spam, I’ve activated an anti-spam plugin that screens comments and automatically moves them to the spam bucket if appropriate. So far, after 8 hours of use, it’s caught 6 spam comments and hasn’t let any through.

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