3 Coyotes attack leashed mastiff in Glendora

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City will provide funding to trap and euthanize the animals.

Source of this article: The Los Angeles Times, January 26, 2017

The city of Glendora will provide funds for the trapping and euthanization of three coyotes that attacked a leashed dog in a housing development tract this week, city officials said in a statement.

Officials said a Glendora resident was walking her mastiff on a leash near Snapdragon Lane and Elderberry Drive at around 8:15 a.m. Tuesday. The former Monrovia Nursery location is now the construction site for La Colina Estates, a development consisting of 121 single-family homes.

As the dog and its owner were walking, “a coyote attacked the dog seemingly without reason,” according to a city statement, and two other coyotes joined in.

“The coyotes were fended off by the resident, who threw rocks at the three coyotes, and a witness who assisted by clapping her hands and yelling at the coyotes,” the statement said.

The dog suffered minor puncture wounds to his neck and will be examined by a veterinarian and quarantined pending the results of blood tests, city officials said. The dog is expected to make a full recovery.

The coyote encounter was investigated by the Glendora Police Department along with the Inland Valley Humane Society, and the California Department of Fish & Wildlife has been notified, according to the city.

“As a result of this incident occurring in broad daylight, with a large pet and a human in close proximity, the City of Glendora has decided it is necessary to take reactive action,” officials said.

The city has contracted with a professional trapping company that will trap and euthanize the animals. The traps, which are “designed so that they will not harm unintended wildlife,” will be deployed Wednesday near the site of the attack and in other locations determined by the trapping company, officials said.


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