Post-Springs fire nighttime closures lifted

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Officials with California State Parks and the National Park Service have lifted the nighttime closures imposed after last year’s Springs fire.

The restriction to stay on official roads and trails remains in place.

Officials with both agencies chose not to renew the emergency closure that expired at the end of last year for Point Mugu State Park and Rancho Sierra Vista.

After daylight saving time, it became increasingly difficult for visitors to participate in recreational activities after work and before the sunset closure.

Because the ecosystem is sensitive long after a fire, the restriction from going off-trail remains in effect until further notice. Park staff continue to see evidence of off-trail travel and ask for the public’s cooperation to help nature recover.

The Springs fire burned more than 24,000 acres in the western end of the Santa Monica Mountains, including approximately 14,000 acres of public park land.


Source of this article: The Thousand Oaks Acorn, February 6, 2014.