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Looking west from the Calabasas Crest Trail. The Calabasas Rapids can be seen to the right.

Calabasas has a spider's web of trails with a large number of access points. Many are newer trails and are built to modern standards - smooth singletracks with many switchbacks to limit the steepness. The Calabasas Peak Motorway provides a climbing challenge for everyone, and the Calabasas Historic Trail, close to the 101 Freeway, is part of the missionary route from San Diego to San Francisco, El Camino Real, this section of which became part of the Ventura Highway before it was expanded to the current 101 Freeway. Through the Las Virgenes View Trail, they connect to Malibu Creek State Park to the west. The maps on these pages show some of the Calabasas trails, but by no means all of them. Yet to be explored, for example, is the backbone trail from Malibu Creek State Park to Topanga State Park.

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Clickable Image Calabasas - Cold Creek Connector Trail Stunt Rd Trails dead end at cattle tracks Mulholland Lost Hills Rd Las Virgenes Rd 101 Freeway Malibu Creek St Park Calabasas Cold Creek Trail AKA Secret Trail Calabasas Peak Motorway Calabasas Crest Trail Calabasas Historic Trail Old 101 Trail Norman's Way Western Loop Trail Las Virgenes View Trail Las Virgenes View Park Connector Millennium Trail Gun Club Rd Bark Park Trail Liberty Canyon Trail Grasslands Trail in Malibu Creek State Park Calabasas De Anza Trailhead on Las Virgenes Rd across from Agoura Rd Calabasas Peak Motorway trailhead on Stunt Rd Secret Trail trailhead on Mulholland Trailhead for the Calabasas Connector Trail on Calabasas Parkway Calabasas Rd De Anza Park on Lost Hills Rd Bark Park Trailhead on Las Virgenes Rd Grasslands trailhead on Mulholland Las Virgenes View Traihead on Mulholland at Las Virgenes Rd


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